Gynecology What Do We Do?

What Do We Do?


Bladder Care
We are a state of the art, comprehensive, gynecologic office caring for bladder conditions that impact our female patients. We specialize in treatments for urinary leakage and incontinence, as well as bladder pain syndromes. We also specialize in the correction of any prolapse or dropped bladder problems that need surgical correction. As gynecologists, we understand that bladder issues are concomitant with other gynecologic issues such as vaginal infections and pelvic organ prolapse and we are able to comprehensively evaluate and treat our patients to solve the ENTIRE problem as opposed to just the urinary issue.

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We specialize in all forms of contraception and offer all types so that you have a choice. For a full list of all contraception methods that we offer, please click HERE.

General Wellbeing
At Womens Excellence we promote a healthy lifestyle. With providers that have nutritional and holistic approaches to women’s.  For more information, please click HERE.

Hormonal Issues
Hormonal fluctuations can result in severe side effects in women.

In the premenopausal state the changes and fluctuation in hormones can be severe and result in mood changes as well as bloating, irregular periods , weight gain, lethargy and breast tenderness. We can perform full laboratory hormonal evaluations and comprehensively manage and provide supplements patient to help symptoms.

Once a woman is menopausal, we have a comprehensive Menopause Center to completely handle all menopausal concerns. For more information, please click HERE.

Infertility Evaluations and Treatment

Many women get vaginal infections that can be not only irritating but also recurrent. At women’s excellence we understand the need for  We care for all infections including bacterial vaginosis, yeast and sexually transmitted diseases.  We also specialize in finding other bacteria that may be causing recurrent infections.  Our goal is to find the underlying cause of recurrent vaginal infections so that we can help you prevent them in the future. 

We Appreciate the need to treat these infections  as quickly and easily as possible. Fortunately, we have the ability to use highly specialized DNA type culture material to identify the correct infection and institute the right treatment. Counseling regarding prevention and the use of antibiotics/antifungals, changes in activity and nutritional changes, as well as over the counter herbal and supplementary therapies ultimately help a woman minimize these episodes of infection.

NAMS Certified! (North American Menopause Society) We have a specialty area in our practice for women that have symptoms of menopause that has trained and met the most stringent menopause certification. The latest and newest treatment options to treat the ramifications are utilized including bioidentical hormones and non-hormonal therapies to help with the symptoms and sequelae of menopause.  Specialists in understanding the art and science of bioidentical hormonal therapy, Women’s Excellence Providers are able to diagnose, treat and improve your symptoms. We treat all women with menopausal symptoms and provide guidance to those in menopause who do not desire hormones or who cannot take hormones secondary to other medical conditions, WE can help!

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At Women’s Excellence we understand the need to control pain and discomfort with the menstrual cycle . Many women are affected by painful periods, painful intercourse, generalized pelvic pain, and vaginal pain, and bladder pain!

We understand that pain ultimately impacts  a woman’s personal and professional life . We use a combination of medicinal, minimally invasive surgical, injectional pain management techniques, and physical therapy to help with symptoms of pain. In fact we have an Endometriosis Center specializing in pelvic pain disorders. 

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Vaginal Conditions

Vulvar Problems

Sexual Activity Evaluation and Treatment
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