Midwifery Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Women’s Excellence in Midwifery is a specialty area in our practice for women that desire a personalized natural approach to pregnancy with one on one care. For those women who are seeking a holistic approach to the natural process of birth our midwives may be the option. Specialists in understanding the art of normal labor, the Nurse Midwives of Women’s Excellence in Midwifery are able to spend more time in providing prenatal education and arrange support groups to guide you through the pregnancy process. By striving to promote a positive and informative environment with other new mothers at similar stages of pregnancy, the Nurse Midwives of Women’s Excellence help to create a series of relationships that not only care for you through the pregnancy but also allow for long-term support with other mothers going through the same process before and after delivery.

An environment that fosters a family experience is our goal as we believe that is the ultimate reward in life. Working with obstetricians, while retaining autonomy of care, makes the midwifery experience special and safe for those women who do not have high risk conditions. We view pregnancy as one of the most important parts of life and at Women’s Excellence in Midwifery we want to help you capture the excitement, anticipation and culmination of the marvelous gift of a child, WE Can Help!