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Just like every other part of our bodies, our bladders start to change as we age. Some people notice the change when they find they are taking more frequent trips to the restroom. A range of factors can cause bladder issues. From constipation, diabetes, and smoking to much more.

Bladder issues are prevalent in older adults. If you deal with bladder issues, you might notice that it impacts your daily activities, sexual health, and emotional well-being. Luckily, there are ways you can promote bladder health to prevent or manage issues.

Drink Water and Limit Other Beverages

The number one way to promote bladder health is by drinking water. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Drinking water helps dilute your urine and ensures that you’ll urinate more frequently—allowing bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract before an infection can begin.” Getting the daily recommended intake of water flushes harmful bacteria in your body before it impacts your bladder.

Along with staying hydrated, stay away from or limit your caffeine and alcohol intake. Alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas, and other caffeinated beverages can irritate the lining of your bladder. It is okay to have them in moderation but always try to follow up with a glass of water to make the substances easier for your body to digest.

Utilize Exercise

Participating in physical activity has a multitude of benefits, so it is no surprise that it can also help your bladder health. If you have current bladder issues, you should avoid high-impact workouts that can put pressure on your bladder. Instead, try doing low-impact bladder control exercises like yoga, swimming, biking, or even pelvic floor workouts. Pelvic floor exercises help hold urine in the bladder by strengthening your muscles. Pelvic exercise also lowers the chances of urinating when you sneeze, cough, and laugh.

Tips for Going to the Bathroom

To promote ultimate bladder health, you might also need to change your bathroom behaviors. Many people try to “hold it” as long as possible, but that is harmful to your bladder. When you feel the urge to use the restroom, go as needed. Holding in urine can weaken your bladder.

When you use the bathroom, make sure to sit in a relaxed position to relax your muscles before letting the urine go. Try avoiding pushing out while going because that exerts pressure on the bladder. Instead, let your bladder do the work for you and let urine come out in a relaxed manner. By going as needed and relaxing while you are going to the bathroom, you can prevent future bladder control issues.

Using the restroom is a part of life. It is essential to take care of your bladder, even if it can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss. However, by following our tips to promote bladder health, you are sure to maintain a healthy bladder. If you have noticed any issues with your bladder or think you could be developing an infection, contact us today. Bladder issues are uncomfortable, painful, and need to be taken seriously.



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