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Healthy bones are important at every age of life and allow us to comfortably breathe, sit, and move. Making small changes now will have a large impact as we age.

Just follow the alphabet to help your bones stay strong.

A – Activity. This includes weight bearing (walking, gardening, elliptical machine) and weight lifting. Lifting even small weights while you are at your desk or watching TV can improve strength and protect your bones.

B – Bone Mineral Density testing after menopause or after long-term use of certain medications like steroids or depo provera birth control injections. The Lake Orion and Royal Oak Women’s Excellence locations provide bone health analysis. It is easy and non-invasive; patients lie on a table for 10 minutes while a machine scans your hips and spine. Patients then attend a follow up appointment with a provider.

C – Calcium needs change depending on your age. Under age 51, you need 1000 mg daily. Over age 51, you need 1200 mg daily. Calcium supplements are absorbed in 600 mg amounts so it’s best to take supplements at different times. Dairy foods, calcium fortified orange juice and cereals are high in calcium.

D – Vitamin D is the key to your body being able to absorb calcium. Many of us in cold, dark Michigan are vitamin D deficient. It is important to know your vitamin D levels with a simple blood test. Aim to take 2000 IU of vitamin D 3 daily.

If you are concerned about your bone health, request an appointment today with our team for an evaluation!

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