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You’ve heard the word “midwife” before, but it’s common to associate midwives with older healthcare traditions, something our grandparents would use.  That’s not the case!  Modern-day midwifery care goes way beyond parental services.  So…what exactly does a 21st century midwife do?

Midwives are highly trained advanced practice nurses who have received their master’s degree in nursing with a specialty in midwifery care.  Modern midwives promote a natural, personalized approach to women’s healthcare.

A midwife is your teammate throughout pregnancy and will be by your side to encourage and support your during labor. All labors occur in a hospital setting.  Many women choose a midwife to avoid medical intervention and maintain a natural approach to pregnancy and delivery.

 At Women’s Excellence, the team of midwives are fully supported by a team of physicians, giving you confidence and reassurance that you and your baby are receiving the best care possible.  Although majority of deliveries are managed by midwives, a physician is readily available during high-risk situations or the need for medical interventions, like a c-section (cesarean section).  Check out our outstanding c-section rate!

You Don’t Need to be Pregnant to See a Midwife!

Along with prenatal care, labor, and delivery, our midwives provide comprehensive care for women during other phases of life.  Our midwives see patients for

  • postpartum care
  • preconception counseling
  • family planning
  • birth control services
  • breastfeeding education
  • prenatal genetic testing
  • gynecologic concerns and infections
  • annual gynecologic exams
  • breast exams
  • other female concerns

How Much Does a Midwife Cost?

Unlike other medical practices, the midwives at Women’s Excellence work collaboratively with physicians and are included in insurance billing, meaning that patients receive the added benefit of midwifery care at no additional cost during their prenatal care.  Midwives are also billed through insurance for other women’s health services.

Learn more about our modern midwifery services. Women’s Excellence offers services in Clarkston, Birmingham, Lake Orion, and Lapeer.

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