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What We Can Do for You! 

Finding the right obstetrician can be overwhelming! There are so many practices to choose from and you want a team that is knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable. 

You’re in luck!  The Women’s Excellence obstetrical team is comprehensive, dedicated, and ready to serve you.  Choosing the right obstetrical care will give you the peace of mind you deserve throughout your pregnancy. 

Women’s Excellence provides obstetrical care in Lake Orion — our flagship location. However, we have multiple obgyn offices throughout Oakland County, Michigan including Birmingham, Clarkston, West Bloomfield, and Royal Oak. Our goal is to make healthcare easy and convenient for you. Our team rotates through all our offices, allowing you to switch locations if needed. 

Obstetrical Services 

When it comes to your pregnancy, we value a team approach, not only with our providers, but with you!  As part of our obstetrical care team, our priority is to listen to your wants, needs, and concerns.  Our knowledgeable providers will guide you throughout the phases of pregnancy and help you develop a birth plan that is best for you.  Whether you have a low or high-risk pregnancy, our team is equipped and ready to handle your prenatal care. 

More About Our Team 

  • At Women’s Excellence, we provide you an obstetrical care team with expertise in prenatal care and childbirth.  We also provide supportive care when there are complications or if you require a C-section.  We have certified nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners, and physicians available in 4 locations for your convenience.  

Prenatal Care 

  • Initially, you will be seen by a nurse-midwife or nurse-practitioner for a thorough history, physical assessment, and evaluation to determine your prenatal care plan. They will also provide you with education about your pregnancy.  If your pregnancy is found to be healthy without risk factors, you may choose to see any of our providers. We urge you to pick one or two providers to see for regular appointments so you can develop a relationship with your provider. Prenatal care is much better when your provider knows your whole story.  Here are some things to expect while you’re pregnant.

High Risk Pregnancies  

  • If you have a special risk to your pregnancy, you may be asked to see a physician for a consult or for all your prenatal care. We may also refer you to a Beaumont Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist for a consult if needed. We are all a part of YOUR obstetrical care team and your healthcare record can be seen by all our providers. There is no need to “start over” with a new provider! 

Midwifery Care 

  • Our team of Midwives provide a personalized approach to your prenatal care and give you the encouragement and confidence you need during labor and delivery.  Our Midwives are highly trained advanced practice nurse practitioners with a special focus on Midwifery care. 

Prenatal Genetic Testing 

  • There are many important decisions to make during pregnancy. One of these decisions is about prenatal genetic tests. At your initial appointment, your Midwife will review the available screening options and help you determine what is the right option for your family. 

Labor and Delivery 

  • The big day comes quicker than you would imagine!  Our team will educate and prepare you throughout your prenatal visits on what you can expect from labor and deliver and how to manage the process.  This is all a part of your birth plan


  • We’re here to help you transition into mommy hood.  Not only will we monitor your physical condition after childbirth, but our team will help you manage any emotional changes that you are experiencing. 

Hospital and Natural Birth Center Affiliation 

We are proud to be affiliated with Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan, along with the Karmanos Center for Natural Birth located at Beaumont.  The teams at Beaumont hospital and the providers at Women’s Excellence take extremely good care of patients while providing the utmost attention.  You are in great hands with Women’s Excellence and Beaumont Hospital! 

Scheduling Made Easy 

We are ready for you to join our obstetrical care team! Visit our live chat at the bottom right of your screen to schedule an appointment.  You can also contact one of our offices directly. 

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