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You might even be doing one of these right now!

Author: Suzana Marku, NP

We understand how frustrating weight loss can be for women. Before throwing in the towel, you might be making one of the mistakes below which is making your weight loss journey even harder.

  • Less Is NOT More:
    • When it comes to weight loss, under-eating can be just as problematic as overeating. Some of my patients come in with the perception that if they eat under 1200 calories a day- which is near to nothing all day- then they will lose the weight quickly. There could be nothing further from the truth. These patients will ultimately slow their metabolism making it much more difficult to lose the weight in the long run.
  • Only Calories AND NUTRITION Count:
    • Eating empty calories does nothing for the body! Remember, weight loss is not just for looking good but more importantly for feeling good. Consuming foods that are high in fiber and lean protein is the best way to obtain and maintain a lean figure. When patients feel good they ultimately become more confident and get the results they truly wanted.
  • YOU CAN’T Out Run A Bad Diet:
    • No amount of exercise can outperform a poor diet plan. Attempting to run or jog after consuming a cheeseburger, large fries and coke is counterproductive. Most individuals after consuming those types of meals become more fatigued because of the amount of sugar they’ve rushed into their bodies.
  • This Is NOT Just A Diet:
    • I cannot put enough emphasis on how important long-term thinking is in relation to weight loss and wellness. When patients come to see me, I stress that “this is not just a diet”. We really focus in on short term goals that lead to life long change. Ultimately, the weight loss program Women’s Excellence provides focuses on personal and medical goals of the patient, a tailored diet plan and assistance with short term and/or long-term medication for obesity.

Women’s Excellence personalized weight loss program was designed to help you hit and maintain your wellness goals. Our goal is to educate and encourage you during your journey and provide you the resources you need for success.

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