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    What is Bladder Care?

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      We are a state of the art, comprehensive, gynecologic office caring for bladder conditions that impact our female patients. We specialize in treatments for urinary leakage and incontinence, as well as bladder pain syndromes. We also specialize in the correction of any prolapse or dropped bladder problems that need surgical correction. As gynecologists, we understand that bladder issues are concomitant with other gynecologic issues such as vaginal infections and pelvic organ prolapse and we are able to comprehensively evaluate and treat our patients to solve the ENTIRE problem as opposed to just the urinary issue. 

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    Cassie Spina

    I recently had a hysterectomy (due to endometriosis)procedure in September age 31; everything but the cervix was removed. Everything seems fine except when it comes to sex. It still hurts, and even with the bio identical hormone replacement, I have absolutely no labido and no drive. We even have tried different kinds of lubricants and either I end up breaking out or It dries it up down there more than before. I just want the pleasure back and the feeling of wanting to have sexual experiences with my spouse. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

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