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Pelvic pain is extremely common in women, but complicated to diagnose since there are many different conditions that could be contributing to pelvic pain and other menstrual symptoms like heavy bleeding.  Women’s Excellence has the experience, dedication, and resources to provide expert care for women experiencing chronic pelvic pain. 

Pelvic pain is a generic term referring to pain or discomfort in the pelvis.  Typically, when a woman is experiencing pelvic pain, she has other symptoms that can help point the team at Women’s Excellence to an accurate diagnosis.  These symptoms include heavy menstrual bleeding, lower back pain, infertility, nausea, painful urination, painful bowel movements, and even fatigue. 

“Although some degree of pain and discomfort is common during your monthly period, chronic pelvic pain and life-altering symptoms are NOT normal!” says Dr. Jonathan Zaidan, MD, FACOG, President of Women’s Excellence.  “If you find yourself making lifestyle adjustments due to your symptoms of pelvic pain, our team of experts can help diagnose and treat your condition to get your back to your normal lifestyle.” 

To achieve an accurate diagnosis, Women’s Excellence will begin by taking a detailed history of each patient.  This initial consultation can even be done through their virtual platform, Specialty Virtual Care.  Next, a series of lab work and imaging studies, like ultrasound, will be ordered to get patients one step closer to an accurate diagnosis.  Depending on the condition, some patients may require a minimally invasive surgical procedure to provide direct visualization into the pelvis and obtain biopsies if needed.  Most diagnostic care occurs at a Women’s Excellence office to be more convenient for patients. 

After a thorough evaluation and work-up, a diagnosis can be made.  Some of the common causes of pelvic pain include endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, uterine fibroids, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome, ovarian cysts, and pelvic organ prolapse.  

“An accurate diagnosis is essential in treating pelvic pain conditions and developing a personalized and comprehensive care plan for each patient.  Our team is equipped to handle even the most complicated cases of pelvic pain and endometriosis with treatment plans that work for any lifestyle.” says Zaidan. 

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