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Every family adjusts to newborn baby care needs differently depending on past experience, the health of mom and baby, and available support.

Sometimes, what new parents expect bringing their baby home isn’t the way things work. This is normal and common. You are getting to know your baby as he or she gets to know you. This takes time, patience, practice, and support!

Having a new baby home is a big adjustment for you and for the rest of the family. It will take time for all of your family members to learn how the newborn fits into your family. If your newborn has an older sibling, the sibling will need time to adjust as well.

Older siblings can sometimes act out or start to act younger again while they figure out their new role. This is normal. Make special, one-on-one time with your older child and be sure to listen to how they feel.

With a new baby at home, it can be overwhelming to figure what to do, when and how. What comes first?

**Your needs and your newborn’s needs come first!**

For the first weeks, your time will be spent focusing on your newborn’s needs – eating, sleeping, and being loved-as your baby should…but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too!

You will feel tired! Try to sleep at night and nap with the little one.

Relay on your family and friends for help when needed.

Take quality time with your loved ones – these times are precious and valuable – bonding with your newborn is especially important.

Take care of yourself. Drink a lot of water and eat regularly.

The dishes, housework , etc. can wait and be taken care of later. As they say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

It is expected that your priorities will change. You may feel tired and stressed at times, but the rewards of having your baby home are never-ending and well worth it!

Very soon you, your newborn and your family will have created a new rhythm together, and new patterns will emerge. A new baby will bring about many changes in the home.

Newborns require a lot of time and energy from their parents during the day and night. Less sleep at night and taking care of responsibilities during the day can be challenging for new parents.

Say please, thank you, and show appreciation towards each other.

Have a movie night at home or eat a special dinner together after baby goes to bed.

Taking time to care for yourself and each other will help keep your relationship strong.

Discuss little problems or concerns early before they become big. Talk each day and genuinely listen to your partner.

Treat each other gently with respect, and kindness.

Don’t assume your partner knows what you need.

Tell each other your needs and thoughts.

Share the good things and the frustrating moments of your day.

Little acts of kindness can go a long way.


If someone asks if they can help you, take them up on it, and think about doing the following:

  • A trusted family member or friend may be willing to take care of your baby for a couple hours
    • Take a relaxing bath or shower
    • Run an errand or take a walk
    • Take a nap
    • Spend alone time with your husband
  • Those who enjoy cooking might be willing to make your family a meal.
  • If you have another child in addition to the new baby – arrange a playdate at another friend’s house.
  • Share carpooling to school or activities.

Saying yes to someone offering to help you does not indicate a sign of weakness or inability to do it ALL!

You need to make sure that you are in good health after the birth of your child. Newborn baby care will be another priority, but you can’t care for your baby if you aren’t in good health. Be sure you contact us or use our chat to make an appointment for postpartum care.

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