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Believe it or not, sex after baby does eventually happen again. Before you are ready, being completely exhausted and experiencing vaginal soreness will require you to allow your body to heal. Your body needs this time. You may have stitches and bruised tissues. You may also be experiencing significant hormonal changes. You may be breastfeeding and feel tired from taking care of baby. You must wait to have intercourse for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. More importantly, wait until you feel your body has begun to heal and that you are ready mentally, emotionally and physically. The postpartum bleeding should be finished before resuming intercourse to avoid introducing bacteria into the vagina, cervix and uterus. He may be ready and you may not be ready for intercourse.  Find other ways to connect, such as holding hands, snuggling up together, kissing, caressing and oral sex.

Tenderness and pain during intercourse may occur even after healing. Water-based lubricants can help relieve hormonal vaginal dryness and make love-making more comfortable. Experiment with different positions to find one that is most comfortable. Communication is very important! Talking about desires, feelings and problems can help. Consideration, understanding and communication is important between partners during this time.

Mothers who are not breastfeeding need to start using a reliable method of contraception before or during the first time having intercourse postpartum to avoid or delay pregnancy. Multiple options are available. Birth control should be started within 4 weeks of the birth of your baby. Discussions about contraception can occur during a prenatal visit, at the place of birth before discharge or at your postpartum follow-up visit. Condoms with lubrication can be an effective option until a decision is made.

Making sure you are ready for intercourse after pregnancy is important. Contact us using our live chat to schedule an appointment for a postpartum visit.

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