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The da Vinci OB/GYN Surgical Team at Women’s Excellence is specially trained to offer patients one of the most effective treatment options for a variety of uterine conditions. This state-of-the-art technology allows our team to perform minimally invasive surgery for OB/GYN patients with greater precision and control.

What is da Vinci robotic surgery?

The da Vinci robot is a surgical system that allows surgeons to perform complex OB/GYN procedures with minimally invasive outcomes. The accuracy and precision of the da Vinci robot means less recovery time and more efficient results for our patients.

Through small, 1 to 2 cm incisions, our compassionate surgeons operate with the control of four robotic arms and high definition 3D video of the procedure site. The robotic arms follow the exact movements of the surgeons hand, wrist, and finger to perform the surgery. (insert a picture?)

What types of conditions can be treated with da Vinci robotic surgery?

At Women’s Excellence, our da Vinci OB/GYN surgeons are highly skilled and trained in the following procedures:Robotic hysterectomy / robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy

  • Robotic lysis of adhesions
  • Robotic myomectomy
  • Robotic excision of Endometriosis
  • Robotic surgery for uterine or vaginal vault prolapse (Sacrocolpopexy)
  • Robotic surgery for uterine fibroids
  • Robotic surgery to preserve and enhance fertility

What are the benefits of da Vinci surgery?

  • Smaller incisions which means less scarring
  • Shorter recovery times
  • Quicker return to your normal life
  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Lower risk of complication

How long does a da Vinci robotic hysterectomy take?

Da Vinci robotic hysterectomy is a complicated procedure that can take various amounts of time depending on your surgeon. Between 1 hour and 4 hours is the average operative time. In the hands of experienced surgeons, such as the surgeons at Women’s Excellence, the time is much closer to 1 hour of operative time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I go back to work after da Vinci robotic surgery?

It depends on the type of robotic procedure you are having and the physical demands of your current position. Most patients are able to leave the hospital following their procedure or within 1-3 days. Normal activities can resume within a week after your procedure. Patients are typically back to work within a few weeks of their procedure.

When can I have sex again after robotic surgery?

Most patients are able to resume intimacy 2 weeks after their robotic surgery for conditions other than a hysterectomy. If you are having a hysterectomy, it is important that you wait 6 weeks. It is important to understand that all patients are different and to follow the exact post-op instructions from your provider.

What hospitals do you perform da Vinci hysterectomy and other procedures?

We are affiliated with McLaren Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan and Ascension Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, Michigan.

Which insurances do you accept?

At Women’s Excellence, we pride ourselves on serving the entire community. We accept an extensive amount of insurances.

When can I get da Vinci robotic surgery?

To learn more about your surgical options, you will need to schedule an initial consult with one of our providers. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. (insert link to contact page).

We are proud to offer the most up-to-date procedure options to the women in our community. We know that you are busy with work, taking care of your family, and enjoying your life to be recovering from surgery for a significant amount of time. The da Vinci surgical system allows you to get the medical care you need and get back to your normal life quickly!

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