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At Women’s Excellence, we’ve designed a comprehensive weight management program to help patients lose weight, keep the weight off, feel great, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our specialists know that the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is through a combination of diet, exercise, supplements, and the establishment of target goals via coaching and comprehensive monitoring!

We are pleased to offer offer:

Diet Plan & Life Changes

  • The main component to weight loss is your food intake.  Our goal is to develop a diet plan that still allows you to enjoy the foods you love, but in moderation.  In most cases, simple lifestyle changes can lead to substantial weight loss results.


  • We work with you to determine your best route for exercise success.  We provide suggestions and tips to make exercise easy and effective for your and your busy lifestyle.

Micronutrient Testing

  • We offer comprehensive micronutrient and metabolic testing that measures 35 nutritional components in your body including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids within our white blood cells to analyze any deficiencies in your body.  Vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies are linked to the overall health of your immune system and weight gain

Body Composition Analysis

  • We offer the latest technology in Body Composition Analysis to analyze your specific body composition to identify your percentage of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.  This information allows us to tailor a weight management plan specific to you.

Accountability and Support 

  • We know that hardest about about weight loss is keeping the weight off.  We stand by your side throughout your weight loss journey to help you overcome the initial hardships of this lifestyle change.  Our team will meet with you once a month to monitor your progress, discuss any difficulties that you are having, and make changes as needed to your overall health plan.

Pharmaceuticals and Surgery 

  • Many new pharmaceutical options have become available in the last few years. Women’s Excellence is up to date with the latest agents.  The following is a list of new pharmaceuticals we can prescribe for weight loss:
  • We offer the knowledge of experience and the requirements for weight loss surgery, utilizing a referral network when necessary.

If you’re struggling to lose weight or maintain your weight loss, you might be making one of these common weight loss mistakes.

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