Women’s Excellence Enhance - Women's Excellence
Services to ENHANCE your lifestyle and improve your health and wellness! 

Enhance goes beyond routine women’s healthcare to tackle many issues that don’t get enough attention.

Services include:

Comprehensive treatment options to help improve sexual desire, identify and treat painful intercourse, and enhance orgasmic function.
Comprehensive first-line approach to identifying the root cause of your fertility struggles.
Comprehensive dietary plan and accountability measures to help you lose weight and keep it off!
Advanced treatment used for hair loss, improving orgasmic function, and treating conditions like lichen sclerosus which can cause discomfort and itching around the vagina.
Determine your hereditary risk for certain cancers so that our team can create a preventive care plan to keep you healthy!
Convenient location, easy parking, and real-time results! Bone Density Scans are used to analyze the condition of the bones in your body and determine your risk of suffering from future life-altering fractures.
Body composition plays an important role in understanding your health and wellness, measuring the differences between leanness and too much fat. This allows you to accurately assess your health and plan your lifestyle and diet accordingly.
1 in every 24 women will be diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer at some point in her life.
Menopause can be challenging. We understand and support your need for relief from menopause symptoms. We over numerous therapies to help with your symptoms.
Be the BEST version of your with comprehensive and intricate care from Urban Aesthetics.
Gain insight on how your genes may impact certain medications.
Vaginitis is a broad name referring to several infections or inflammatory conditions affecting the vagina that can cause abnormal discharge, vaginal burning and itchiness, painful intercourse, swelling of the labia, and pelvic pain. The infection can be a new infection or a redevelopment of an existing condition that did not heal completely during the previous treatment. Our team is ready to help you!
Combat seasonal allergies with our comprehensive allergy testing program and immunotherapy treatment.

Our Locations

Get the care you need at one of our 6 convenient locations in Metro Detroit. Our offices are located in Birmingham, Clarkston, Lake Orion, Lapeer, Royal Oak, and West Bloomfield.